3 Unique Half Up Hairstyles


Hairstyle #1:

For the first hairstyle, I’m going to start by dividing off the top section of hair, keeping some hair down on the sides to cover my ears and I’m just going to tie this off using an elastic band.

Now I’m going to take this hair that
I’ve divided off and I’m going to split it into two equal sections.

I’m going to take one of the sections
and I’m going to begin wrapping it around the hair elastic. As you’re
doing this you’ll want to make sure to wrap the hair kind of tight so
it’s easier to pin. You can always go back after and make it a little
bigger if you’d like.

So once I’ve got it wrapped twice
around the elastic I’m going to start pinning the twist against my

Go ahead and play around with the shape
of it so each twisted piece is about the same size and you’ll just
want to continue pinning it against the head until it feels nice and
tight and won’t come loose.

I love the way this style looks because
it seems like it’d be a lot more complicated to do than it actually
is and literally only takes a few seconds to do.

Hairstyle #2:

For the next style I’m going to start by sliding two bobby pins along the back of my head, horizontally creating a line. These are going to help anchor the hairstyle in place.

Then I’m going to divide off a section
of hair on both the left and right side of the head from along the
hairline above both ears.

I’m going to bring these to the back of
my head tie the two pieces into a knot so I’m going to place the left
side over the right. Then I’m going to tuck the left strand up and
around the right strand and then pull the two sections apart to
tighten the hair against my head. This is the first half of the knot.

Then so the hair doesn’t slip out, I’m
going to slide two bobby pins into the top part of the knot to help
hold it in place.

Now I’m going to repeat the same steps
again, crossing the left strand over the right, pushing the left
strand up and around the right strand to finish off the knot.

Then I’m just going to pin it in place
again and the best trick for knowing where you put your bobby pins is
to put them wherever your fingers are holding the hair and I made
sure to tuck them underneath the knot so they didn’t show.

Now I’m just going to go back over the
hair and pull on different pieces to make the knot look really big
and full.

It ended up looking kind of like a bow
but I think it’s so cute and really love how this one turned out.

Hairstyle #3:

For the last hairstyle, I’m going to start by sliding two bobby pins along the back of my head again, horizontally to help anchor the hairstyle.

Then I’m going to pick up a section on
the right side, from above my ears and I’m going to drape this hair
towards the back of my head and then slide some bobby pins into the
hair to help hold it in place. I’m doing this because I don’t want
the braid to be too droopy but I don’t want to use an elastic band

So then I’m going to do the same with
the hair on the left side, draping it towards the back of my head and
pinning it with some bobby pins.

Now with my two sections of hair I’m
going to twist them towards the left and wrap them around each other
towards the right. This is important because twisting them one way
while wrapping them in the opposite direction is what will keep the
twist from just unraveling.

So then once the twist reaches the ends
of the hair I’m going to tie it off with a clear elastic band.

Now for the fun part, I”m going to
gently pull on small pieces of hair in the twist until it’s really
big and full.

You don’t want to pull on the entire
twist because that will just loosen it up so make sure to pull along
the edges so the hair slides a little out of the elastic.

I love how unique and different this
hairstyle turned out. Definitely not one you see everyday.

Thank you so much for watching!

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