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Face Exercises for Mini-Face Lift?

by Sofia


Face Muscles

Can Face exercises give me a mini facelift or really lift face muscles? I mean, can I get a natural mini-facelift by doing facial exercises?

If so, can you tell me which ones are the most important ones to do? I’m over 50, and my face has fallen, and I can’t get it back up! The only anti-aging therapy I’ve done for my face is Botox, but that’s not helping to lift or prevent my lower face from drooping.

I don’t want to do Ultherapy or something like that because it’s expensive and I’ve heard the results are not that great, so please don’t suggest that option. I want the least invasive way for a mini-facelift.

Hi Sofia,

Thanks for your questions regarding face exercises. In my experience, face exercises have built up and lifted my facial muscles. I don’t I would compare the results from face exercises to a mini or full facelift. Still, I have seen (as have many avid face exercisers) beautiful results from doing proper, complete face exercises consistently.

Also, several studies show that people who in engage in face exercises look 3-5 years younger than their chronological age.

Here are some things to consider:

1. It won’t happen overnight. Some results can be seen in a few weeks, depending on your age, the condition of your skin, and how much sagging you had to start with. But if done correctly, you will see dramatic results within 6-12 months.

2. Consistency is the key. You need to perform face exercises several times a week (Not Daily – skin and muscle need to time to recover). But spaced out even over a 7 day period. Like Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.

3. In the beginning, you made need to do face exercises three times a week, but as years go by, you can get away with a simple maintenance workout once or twice a week.

4. You need to make sure you follow an excellent face exercise program that includes all the muscles of the face and includes a skin massage too. This way, your face muscles, and skin get the benefits all in one workout.

While your results will not look like you had a facelift (sometimes that can be a good thing because some facelifts look so harsh and unnatural), your face will look fuller, lifted, and your skin will be smoother and less crinkly-wrinkly.

See samples of face exercises, my before and after pictures and check out the face muscle chart to see which exercises work which face muscles.

Please Note: I am 5 years younger and a bit thinner in my Before picture. Yet, my face looks slimmer and tighter (especially around the jowls) in the after picture!

Hope this helps.

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