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Low-cost home-based business opportunities for Women in 2020 from Neora

Neora network marketing has talked to many women over the past years that wanted to be a stay at home mon. The story is usually the same. Normally the kids are young, pre-kindergarten in many cases. Does that story sound familiar to you?

Your business ideas and ambition will take you far in business, but when you have little or no capital, it can be more difficult. Neora network marketing users did not wait to have millions of euros in their bank account before getting started. Even if you only have 100$, you can start a small home-based business that will grow over time.

  • Reselle A reseller buys old used items and resells them online for a profit. If you like to hunt around in flea markets and don’t mind doing a little cleaning and taking pictures, you could start a business in one afternoon. Your first purchase would cost you well under 100 $ and you could double your money on a resale.
  • Private Cook Do you have a gift for cooking? Thousands of people around your home would pay generously for you to come to cook with them on an exceptional or regular basis.Just create a website and highlight your experiences and the services you offer. Most of time, your only purchases will be an apron and a good set of knives!
  • Secretarial Service Many small businesses can not afford the luxury of employing accountants, secretaries and other staff to assist them in their day to day work. If you possess skills such as word processing, data entry work, accounting and proofreading, you can start a home-based business by having a small home office. You probably have all the equipment you need, such as a computer, printer, an Internet connection and a telephone. Prompt and reliable service is what your clients will expect of you.
  • Consultant If you are qualified or very knowledgeable in any particular field, then this is a business you can start operating from home. There are many folks out there who have the money but do not have the time or the knowledge to develop their business. You can advise them and get paid for it. Have business cards printed and pass it around at community functions, meetings and seminars whenever you get an opportunity? Let the world know that you are in business.
  • Selling on eBay We hace all heard of success stories of thousands of people making a living by selling things on eBay. Huge profits are being made by enterprising people who buy stuff in Flea Market, Garage Sales or at discounted prices and selling them on eBay. You, too, can do the same. Get started by selling the old and discarded items that are in your basement. Honestly and excellent customer service are critical factors for success here.
  • Craft Making If you are talented and can make crafts and selling them in Fairs and Community gatherings. Many people make a good profit by creating unique products that are sought after by wealthy people.
  • Blogger Do you feel that you have something important to share with the rest of the world? With an online blog, you can write it all down and publish it instantly. Some bloggers have made it their full-time job, but you can start slowly, until you’re ready to quit your job.

Don’t let the money stop your dreams of starting your own online business. Any of these ideas will get you started fo an investment of less than $ 100

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